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Al-Dhofari Factory for Steel Industries, Hangers and Construction in all our branches

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I  welcome you to Al-Dhofari Factory for Steel Industries, Hangers and Construction in all our branches, and I would like to say here that success is generating of success and our success story is a driving force behind our tireless endeavor to expand our activities locally and globally, and  soon became a dream for all Employees. We at Al-Dhofari Factory for Steel Industries, Hangers and Construction  have achieved our dreams and goals with diligence and perseverance until we reached the excellence and became one of the elite of the leading local companies in the field  Our path to success, excellence and high-level performance paved the way for planning and long experience The most important factors for the success and prosperity of large companies

With constant modernization and confidence in our  operations and the ability to develop fruitful working relationships for us and our customers throughout Yemen and the region, we look forward to further expansion and opening new horizons regionally and internationally.

Forty years of experience have passed, during which we have faced all the obstacles that companies are going through to prosperity, but we have overcome them with our determination to success. With the same determination we will continue to become, God willing, the first Factory for Steel Industries, Hangers and Construction the Middle East. We know for sure that thanks to God and thanks to our hard work and thanks to our customers we have been able to successfully take every step on the right track over the past few years, and we are confident that we will live up to the high expectations of our customers and I look forward to your continued support and care. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


Our products

QHSE  Policy

The company's policy on quality is summarized in the following points :

1- Quality is one of the most important basic principles for doing all the technical and administrative work of the factory.

2- We are constantly working by using the latest technological methods in production and maintenance and by following up the update in global technology and modern production methods.

3- Continuous updating of production lines, providing the latest machines, and pursuit to complete all projects.

4- Develop and implement a technical and administrative system for all in the factory to prevent the problems and continue development in work.

5- Work on developing human resources in the factory through the training and periodic and systematic presentation and implementation of a cadre system that includes a system of entertainment and motivation. This system is based on clarity and the participation and participate Employee in making  decision.

6-  Create and develop unique professional relationships with all suppliers and customers through a system that ensures all problems are resolved quickly and effectively.

 7– Our Higher Management And Employee in factories are committed at all times to compliance with the factory's quality policy in a way that Approves quality requirements.


School Furniture

Manufacturing school furniture with a high level of efficiency and speed and providing the required sizes, colors and designs as requested.



Manufacturing mobile homes with modern high specifications and high-precision designs and equipping offices, headquarters building and housing units


Storage  waterand fuel tanks

Design of distillation tanks such as oil derivatives tanks and Water and cement with high quality international standard specifications and traffic to suit the needs of customers.


Prefab portableToilets

The design of prefab portable toilets with modern high specifications and high-precision designs with different tastes and materials such as fiberglass, iron and wooden décor.


Armor iron

Design and armor windows and safe rooms doors in the required sizes and provide the systems of closing and opening , a lock modern and accessories from the finest agencies in the world.


Iron Structures

Manufacture, construct, import and design of iron structures of various kinds

( refrigated  and dry  Containers , Ceiling Awning , Maintenance and Rehabilitation)


*-Agents of international companies in the field of iron manufacturing and modern buildings


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